Web Design & Content

As project manager of a marketing team, I’ve participated in every part of multiple website design processes, from initial concept to completion. I’ve also set up WordPress sites for myself and for others. I’m experienced in writing online content, and in managing that content through different types of content management systems (CMS). For more on my web design experience, check out my blog entry 5 Lessons from the Website Design Trenches.

Below are some examples of my work.

  • 2010 Report Card for Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure, American Society of Civil Engineers. This is my shoestring story. The original budget for the Report Card project did not include money for creating a website, but the project clearly needed one. I managed to find a vendor who could work within our (mostly nonexistant) budget to put up a live website before the release. I wrote all copy and chose all images.
  • 2012-15, management and content for the Best Practices Research Alliance site. I updated the site and wrote the majority of the content during this period, including choosing photographs and designing many of the graphics. I also wrangled its temperamental CMS, which occasionally required me to directly manipulate the html. It’s been replaced by an updated site now and exists only at the Wayback Machine.
  • 2013-15 redesign of IBACOS site. I was part of the marketing team for both the earlier attempt at a redesign and the final version that is live now. The example I’ve given here is the timeline feature, which I suggested and for which I wrote all copy and chose images.
  • 2014-15 redesign of the Best Practices Research Alliance site. As with the IBACOS site, I helped with design, review, collecting assets and writing new copy. In this example, all of the articles on this page were authored by me.

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