Social Media

One day while I was working at a former job, I realized that my company needed someone to take on social media. The person who had started our program had left the company, and day after day, our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites just sat there quietly. As an avid personal user of social media, I knew it could be a great way to bring people together and quickly disseminate information.

So I set out to make myself an expert. I took online courses and logged on to webinars. I found out which platform to use, when, and for whom.  I learned how to use HootSuite to coordinate all 5 of our social media channels. I learned how to set up automatic responses with IFTTT. By the time I left that position, I had greatly expanded our reach, including boosting our Twitter followers by 30% over 9 months.

I am currently doing a social media campaign for the Pennsylvania sections of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and am using strategically placed Facebook ads to boost our message. You can check out my work here.

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