Document Design and Presentations

I’ve designed, written and produced just about every kind of document and collateral, including

  • newsletters
  • event invitations
  • brochures
  • one-pagers
  • reports
  • white papers
  • legislative issue briefs
  • presentations and webinars
  • government project documentation

I have years of experience as an academic, nonfiction writer, and journalist. Long-form writing is a particular skill of mine.

Although I wouldn’t call myself a true designer, I’ve long worked with the Adobe Suite and other design programs, and am proficient in Microsoft Word.

I’ve created, co-created, and edited hundreds of presentations for industry events and the general public. I specialize in partnering with presenters to help them hone their message and make it conceptually and visually engaging. I’m also skilled at using GoToWebinar to promote presentations to a wide audience and make them true group events.

Here’s a short presentation I both researched and produced to introduce the importance of the Aging in Place trend to homebuilders.

And a longer, much more technical presentation I helped develop on the use of small diameter ducts in cooling and heating.



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